Android Xposed 框架更新,已支持 Android 7.0 及 7.1.2

Android 上几乎是无人不知无人不晓的 Xposed 框架,在经过了很长一段时间后,总算是和我们的牛轧糖适配上了。在这期间,有不断的催促开发者赶紧适配 7.0 和 7.1 的,也有其他人员因无法忍受作者的慢进度而另辟蹊径让 Xposed 框架能在 7.0 和 7.1 上使用的,不过总的来说,我们总算是等到了它的适配更新了。

嘛,不过现在来给大家说,已经不能算是一首消息了,实际上这个月月初的时候作者就已经在 XDA 帖子里更新了相关内容,网站上也能下载新版的刷机包了,不过应该还是有人不知道的吧?咱就发个博文跟大家说说吧,正好我也刷上了。


Finally! I know you’ve been waiting for official Xposed for Nougat for a long time, and here it is. You’ll find the download links in the usual place (see first post). Make sure to also use Xposed Installer 3.1.2 (update is also in first post).

If you’d like to know what exactly you’ve been waiting for, check out this XDA article. Besides much background information on Xposed and its history, it includes a detailed statement by myself about what you’ll get on top of the unofficial versions. You can find that statement right above the “Conclusion” headline, click the box to show it.

Note that I’ve also released new binaries for Marshmallow and Lollipop, although the changes are very minor. Mostly, they ensure that all releases are in sync.

I’d like to thank @wanam for testing and helping to fix the remaining bugs. He also tested it on the Samsung GS7. Also thanks to XDA for their continued support and for providing the infrastructure. And finally, thanks to you for being patient with me, coming up and implementing the new concept really took a long time (that I didn’t always have).

Now go ahead and try it out. For any feedback and discussions, please use the new discussion thread.

再引用一下开发者在 10 月 10 日说的话(框架更新到了 88.1):

It’s quite hard for me to find useful bug reports within the huge discussion thread, in the middle of much positive feedback, people complaining about certain modules not working (must usually be fixed by the module authors!) and posts where it’s clearly a user problem. So thanks especially to those people who posted good bug reports (including full logs etc.) on GitHub. That drastically increases the chance of getting those bugs fixed.

Here’s the how-to on reporting bugs:

And by the way, if you want to help improve Xposed and you’re following the discussions anyway: Please help others, please try to find out whether they’re really blocked by an Xposed Framework issue, and if so, encourage them to report it on GitHub as described above (or report it in their name). Thanks!

The first fixes have found their way into version 88.1, only available for Nougat. That includes especially some fixes for Samsung ROMs, but might also fix bootloops and slowdowns on other devices. Besides that, I think I fixed a MIUI incompatibility, not sure if it works now (and to be honest, I don’t give much priority to MIUI). There are still unfixed issues on the queue, and again, please keep reporting whatever you find.

有关新版本框架的下载,大家去 里找 SDK25 的包就可以了,注意新版要配合最新的 Xposed 管理应用使用哟。

PS:博主的 Android 7.1.2 已刷上 Xposed,目前装了三四个模块,使用正常。

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